• To apply for e-Visa you have to register - create your personal account, where you can fill in an e-Visa application form Before registration you can check whether you are required to obtain e-Visa for entering Ukraine. In this regard choose the country of your nationality and the purpose of your visit.

  • General information about the applicant

  • As indicated in passport
  • Documents certifying the identity of the applicant

  • Place of residence of the applicant

  • Telephone number
  • Travel Information

  • Not less then 10 working days before visit
  • Scan Copies Of Documents

    • JPEG or JPG image (The Passport Document Pages Containing Personal Data)
    • Optional Documents

      • JPEG or JPG image (A Valid Medical Insurance Policy With Coverage of At Least 30000 Euro or Its Equivalent In Other Currency)
        • JPEG or JPG image ( Confirm Return Air Ticket or Agreement For Tourist Services or Document Confirming Hotel Reservation or Payment For Accommodation And Dining In Ukraine)
          • JPEG or JPG image ( A Document Confirming Hotel Reservation or Agreement For Tourist Services (Voucher), or A Document Confirming The Foreigner Will Receive in the territory of Ukraine the tourist Services on Arrangement Of Visits To The Objects Of Culture, Recreation, etc.

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